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Step Three — Expanding Your Options

Remote Call Transfer

Whenever you receive or place a call on your Mobile Manager, you can transfer that call to any other phone or person.

Remote Call Transfer Highlights:

  • Quickly transfer callers from one phone to another.
  • Transfer callers to another person.
  • Use from any phone, anywhere.

An Example of When to use Remote Call Transfer:

An important caller reaches you through your Mobile Manager on your cellular phone. Your cellular phone's battery is running low. By touching a few buttons, your caller can be transferred conveniently to your office phone.

Rather than transferring the call, you can also stay on the line and host an On-the-Fly (unscheduled) conference.

By Phone:

To Transfer a Call:

  1. Receive a call on your Mobile Manager or place a call through your Mobile Manager.
  2. Touch #5 to start the transfer.
  3. At the dial tone, touch in the number you want to transfer the caller to. (Include the area code.)
  4. When the transfer party picks up the phone, touch #5 again.
  5. All three of you will be connected. Hang up and the two parties are connected.

Tip! If the transfer party does not pick up the phone, touch #6 to return back to the original caller.


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