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Step Three — Expanding Your Options

Reserved Conference Calling

Reserved Conference Calling gives you the ability to host a conference call over the phone for yourself and up to 15 guests. Your Mobile Manager number serves as the "call in" number.

Reserved Conference Calling Highlights:

  • Quickly set up a reserved conference call via the phone or the Web.
  • Host the conference call through your Mobile Manager.
  • Make modifications to the conference call before the scheduled time or during the call.

Reserving a Conference Call

You can reserve a conference call for up to 16 people.

By Web:

To Reserve a conference call via the Web:

  1. Click the Conference Calling button on the left side of the page.
  2. Click Reserve a New Conference Now!
  3. Enter the date of the conference.
  4. Enter the start time of the conference.
  5. Enter the length of the conference.
  6. Enter the number of guests desired, both listen only and speaker/listener, for the conference.
  7. Enter the Guest Code (4-10 digits) that allows guests to join the conference.
  8. Enter the Host Code (4-10 digits) that allows you to join the conference and access host options during the conference.
  9. Click Reserve Conference to confirm and accept the reservation.

Tip: After reserving a conference call, remember to send your guests invitations that include the time of the conference call, the Guest Code and instructions to enter ** during your greeting followed by the Guest Code.

Tip: During a conference, touch *1 to mute your line, touch *1 again to unmute.


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