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Step Four — Mastering Your Service

Gain Control

Mobile Manager lets you take back control of your work and your life! First, you will learn how; then, below under "Here's What Happens," you will learn the benefits you will reap:

  1. Use your Mobile Manager as your only contact number. (You then decide where -or if - to take a call live).
  2. Use the touch 0 screens (Ext 10/home, 21/office, 31/cell) to maximize efficiency.
  3. Change your extension only when you leave a place.
  4. Create a second extension for voicemail to forward to when you are on an appointment (extension 71; Call customer service 877-880-0055 to have this done.)  Put a greeting on this extension specifically for this purpose.
  5. Use Mobile Manager as your fax number.
  6. Use Fax Upload for faxing out to any fax machine directly from your computer.
  7. Set up a transaction file on your computer by street address.
  8. Save Faxes
    Save Voicemail
  9. Fax any document related to that transaction to your Mobile Manager and add to the transaction file.
  10. Download the transaction file to a Flash drive.
  11. Attach a business card to the flash drive and give it to your client on closing.

Here's What Happens. . .

  • Connection to your business – Balance for your life
  • You have separated your business life from your personal life
  • All important calls come to you live — (How? Using the Find-Me-Follow-Me option, you simply forwarded your number to where you are, using any phone.)
  • Other calls (including group messages) go to Mobile Manager voicemail; not cell or home voicemail. — (How? This is achieved through programming.)
  • You have just one place to look for voicemail — (How? You stopped relying on three voicemail boxes — cell, business, home. You use just your Mobile Manager number for everything so that you only have one voicemail to check.)
  • You can focus on one client, and still be responsive to others — (How? Forward your Mobile Manager to Extension 71 (Your newly created extension, with a greeting that says you are with a client. This shows great respect for both the caller and the client.)
  • Faxing hassles are a thing of the past — (How? All faxes come to the same number. You view, print and/or forward faxes to any email or any fax machine.
    What's more, any document that comes to you that you wish to keep, you now fax it to your Mobile Manager number.)
  • Fax Upload allows you to fax any document resident on your computer to any fax machine…anywhere! Add a cover sheet, annotate the document and add a previously scanned signature as well.
  • Your files are amazing! Instead of just papers, they also now include voicemail, faxes and email (emails can be saved in text format).
  • Give a completed transaction folder on a flash drive to your client with your business card attached that includes voicemails, e-mails, faxes, pictures, etc. Your client will keep it in a safe place and bring it out when it’s their turn to sell the property.

Be creative with the use of your Mobile Manager. Some of the most ingenious uses of Mobile Manager have come from agents themselves. We'd love to hear how you uniquely use your Mobile Manager!


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