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Step Four — Mastering Your Service

Billing Info/Call History

You may view your Billing Info (invoices) and Call History through the Web site. You may view billing information and call history for specific months and years. Billing Information shows your monthly charges and taxes and Call History details every call made to and from your Mobile Manager.

By Web:

To view Billing Info or Call History:

  1. Click the Personal Info tab.
  2. Select either the Billing Info (invoices) or Call History button.
  3. Select the timeframe of the invoice or call history you wish to view.

You can change your credit card/debit card number online

  1. From inside your Mobile Manager go to Billing Information.
  2. Click on Payment Info.
  3. Enter new card number, address, expiration date and CVV code.
  4. Click Save.


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