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Step Four — Mastering Your Service

This section of the Tutorial covers the following:

  • Cutting Your Cell Phone Bill
  • Billing Info/Call History
  • Setting Up A Transaction File
    • How to Save Voice Messages to Hard Drive
  • Securing Feedback from Showings
  • Gaining Control

Cutting Your Cell Phone Bill

Have all calls directed to a land line whenever possible, using the touch 0 option.

This would include
ext: 10 for home
ext: 21 for office

If you have an iPhone, set up AccessLine Mobile (iPhone app) so that this is automated.

Set up notification with links coming to your Smart Phone so you don't have to call your Mobile Manager from your cell phone to listen to voice messages.

If you do not have a Smart Phone Use Text Messaging Notification:

Each time a voice message or fax is left for you in your Mobile Manager you will be notified by text message. The text message will include the caller's number. You can judge whether to pick up the message or immediately or wait to get to a landline.

Eliminate Cell Phone Voicemail.

Each time a call goes into your cell phone voicemail the clock is ticking. Each time you pick up a cell phone voicemail from your cell phone the clock is ticking. Instead, have all urgent calls come to your Mobile Manager and if you cannot or choose not to take the call live have the calls return to your Mobile Manager voicemail. (See Receiving Voicemail in Just One Place)

Check your cell phone usage for 90 days. If you have three consecutive months where your minutes are greatly reduces, you may choose to change your plan with your carrier.


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