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Step Four — Mastering Your Service

Keep Your Cell Phone Number Private

Without question, your cell phone is vital for conducting business; however, your cell phone number is not.  Besides  professionalism and a host of security concerns, your cell phone number should be used only for private use with family and friends.  Here is how:

  1. Publish your Mobile Manager number as a contact number
  2. DO NOT put your cell number on your business cards
  3. Direct calls to any phone you choose, cell phones included  

For a refresher go to:

How to Make Calls From Your Cell Phone But Keep Your Caller ID Private

Option 1: Make outbound calls from within your Mobile Manager

  1. From inside your Mobile Manager number at the command prompt, touch 9
  2. Dial the desired number (10 digits, no dashes)
  3. The caller ID of your Mobile Manager is displayed on your recipient’s phone

Option 2:  Make your cell number permanently private if you wish

  1. Call your cell company and have your caller ID removed entirely
  2. When you call anyone, your number shows up as being private
  3. In cases where your target caller refuses to accept calls from private numbers, simply touch *82 before dialing the 10-digit number. Your caller ID will appear on your call recipient’s phone.

Option 3: Make your cell number private selectively

  1. Prior to making a call from your cell or any phone, block your caller ID by touching *67before making a call. No caller ID will appear on your call recipient’s phone


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